Dr. Mary Beth Moenssen and Dr. Brandon Shoukri

Over 25 Years of Amazing Orthodontic Care in Dexter, Michigan

At Dexter Orthodontics, we work hard to provide an enjoyable orthodontic experience in a comfortable, stress-free environment. Our orthodontists, Dr. Mary Beth Moenssen and Dr. Brandon Shoukri, are dedicated to the finest comprehensive care, and our highly trained staff is here to help you achieve a beautiful smile!

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At Dexter Orthodontics, we offer a complimentary consultation on your initial visit. You can learn if orthodontic care is right for you — no strings attached! Children should be screened at around age seven, but people of all ages may benefit from orthodontics, so consulting with one of our doctors can help you determine if, and when, you might need treatment.

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Karen Eisel

Amazing staff! Wonderful caring people have put my kids at ease. This makes my life much easier!

Easy in and out when we have a wire poking out or a bracket broken... they are amazing at taking time to squeeze us in as needed.

I really appreciate what they do for community with donations to various causes and who doesn’t love their billboards!

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Bella Larson

I just finished my treatment at Dexter Orthodontics and had such a great experience. All of the staff was amazing, especially Dr. Moenssen and Dr. Brandon Shoukri. Both of them were super helpful and nice. I love my new smile and have gotten so many compliments! They really did a great job.

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Everett Katz

Our kids have been patients with Dexter Orthodontics for over two and half years. We have one son now in retainers after wearing traditional braces for a little more than two years. Our other son has been in Invisalign approaching 6 months now. What has impressed us most about Dexter Orthodontics, besides the results, is the caring nature of the entire staff (not just Dr. Moenssen and Dr. Shoukri). They have been an absolutely perfect fit for our one son who is neuro-divergent, specifically because of his sensory and anxiety issues he has had to overcome with the concept of seeing a doctor or dentist. From the first consultation to the implementation of the treatment plan, they have worked with us to not only ensure our son was comfortable with his options, but to assure us that his plan would be his needs versus what may have fit a neuro-typical kid.

The office and programs/services offered are so accommodating to families, you almost feel guilty at how care free they make it. We were thrilled with their flexible pricing/payment options, appointment time discounts, and care management practice. When it comes to the treatment itself, it is all provided guilt free to their patients and parents. Obviously things happen, whether it be brackets breaking, retainers breaking, bad brushing/flossing habits, missed appointments, etc... They do not make our kids feel guilty at all and reassure us as parents that things are going great. They educate all of us to try and do a little bit better the next time vs. making us feel like somebody did something wrong. This is a big deal for our son that wore traditional braces who really can be hard on himself for disappointing others.

Overall, we can't rate the entire staff high enough to give them the credit they deserve. We were skeptical going into this journey with our first son and had fairly low expectations of success and never thought our other son would be able manage a treatment option given his challenges. However, after a very short time we realized that both our kids were going to end up with fantastic smiles that they could be proud of. We have been blown out of the water at the results thus far.

And since we can't rate you higher in this form, just know that you get 10 stars from us!

Keep up the great work and thank you for all you have done for our children!

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Zac Skinner

Super nice employees and great results.

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