smiling teen girl pointing to her braces

Will I feel pain with Orthodontic Treatment?

In general, receiving orthodontic treatment does not hurt. Advanced technology and new methods developed over the last few years make the process easier. With the introduction of new high-tech wires, smaller braces, innovative accessories, and attention to preventive/interceptive treatments, today’s orthodontic treatment is fairly comfortable. We do not use anesthetic injections for any of the procedures, and patients describe only mild soreness a day or two after certain procedures.

smiling boy with glasses and braces

How to Easily Relieve Any Mild Discomfort

As a rule, braces can cause a little discomfort initially until you get used to them. Also, teeth can get a little sore after every adjustment appointment. This annoyance can be relieved easily by eating softer foods and using over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Tylenol or Advil. Most of our patients find they do not need pain relievers, and any soreness they do experience disappears quickly.