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Treatment Summary Phase 2 Overview

Phase 2 Treatment is one of the last stages of early orthodontic treatment that can occur months, or even years, after Phase 1. This treatment is recommended for about 90% of patients who have undergone Phase 1 Treatment once their permanent teeth have emerged. It typically involves fixed braces or Invisalign for a period of 18–30 months to position teeth into proper alignment and ensure ideal occlusion. This stage is followed by a retention phase to keep teeth stabilized in their new position.

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Every child develops differently; and for the most part, orthodontists want to wait until patients' permanent teeth erupt before they start this last treatment phase. We recommend that your child return to the office every four to six months so we can monitor their progress and readiness to begin Phase 2 Treatment. Typically, it takes a patient about 12-16 months after Phase 1 treatment for all their permanent teeth to emerge.  

In most cases, adding the fees of both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Treatments together is comparable to the fee for comprehensive treatment. The purpose of Two-Phase treatment is to take advantage of the limited time a child has to correct issues with the face and jaw before they stop growing, then use fixed braces or Invisalign once their permanent teeth emerge to achieve final dental alignment. Many times, Phase 2 treatment is simpler and less costly if early treatment (Phase 1) was completed.  

Orthodontists only recommend that patients undergo Phase 1 and Phase 2 Treatment when it can make a significant difference in the patient’s overall treatment outcome.  The major advantage of two-phase orthodontic treatment is to maximize the opportunity to achieve the most ideal, healthy, functional, and esthetic result. Optimizing the limited time when a child is growing is of utmost importance in treatment stability. Tooth extraction or corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) may also be avoided with early treatment. 

The retention phase is the final step of orthodontic treatment. In the initial retention phase, removable retainers are worn full-time and only removed when eating and brushing. Following the full-time retention period, recommended wear changes to nighttime only. 

The purpose of the retention phase is to help stabilize the teeth in their new position and assure the dazzling new smile will remain for a lifetime, as exact and precise as it was the moment the braces were removed. During the period of night-only wear, we monitor the natural stability of the orthodontic correction and decide if tapering wear of the retainers is appropriate. For individuals with stubborn teeth that try to return toward their pre-treated position (and for many adults), long-term nightly wear is the best insurance that their correction will be maintained. 

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