Smile Points Program


In order to help our patients attain their treatment goals and as an additional incentive, patients can earn “Smile Points” at each regularly scheduled appointment. The number of points received depends on the patient’s cooperation – keeping your teeth, braces and appliances clean and undamaged is critical to achieving a good result.

The “Smile Points” may be saved and redeemed for a variety of prizes on display in our front lobby. The incentive program is not just for our younger patients but adult patients can participate as well with great gifts, such as certificates for Quality 16 theaters, Best Buy, Target and more. This is our way of saying thank you for cooperating and being such great patients.

Every game or sporting event has rules to follow. So that you will know the rules for our “Smile Points” Incentive Program, we have listed below the three areas you will be evaluated on:

Oral Hygiene (1-2 points)
Maintain excellent oral hygiene with all tooth surfaces and appliances clean. No food or plaque trapped in or around the braces and little to no swollen or red gums. If you receive a grade of “good” or “excellent” you will receive points. Patients graded “average” or “poor” will not receive any points, which also apply to the categories below. (one point for “good” and two points for “excellent”)

Arriving On Time (1 point)
You must be brushed and ready to be seated by your scheduled appointment time. However, if you missed your last appointment without providing a 24-hour notice, no points will be awarded. Also, unscheduled or emergency appointments do not qualify, even if we elect to do your adjustments that day.

Patient Cooperation (1 point)
No broken or loose bands, brackets, wires, or fixed appliances and elastics (rubber bands). Headgear or removable appliances worn as instructed.


(10 points): Earn 10 points for wearing your Dexter Orthodontics t-shirt to your scheduled appointment.

(20 points): If you are seen in public wearing a Dexter Orthodontics t-shirt by either Dr. Moenssen or staff, you will earn 20 points. (Limit two times per month)

(15 points): Bring in your most current report card or school letter/newspaper clipping to show you are on the honor roll and earn 15 points.

“Smile Points” have no cash value. The points are only given out in the treatment area by the assistant. Patients are given a maximum of 60 days after appliances or braces are removed to redeem for prizes. Once in the retainer phase, patients are no longer eligible to receive points. Unfortunately, lost “Smile Points” cards will not be replaced.